An Independent members site for club la costa owners

Benefits of Joining

Member Community

Together we bring strength in numbers as we seek to feedback to Club La Costa to help effect positive change.  We can also share our experiences, which brings many benefits to get the best out of being an owner.  You can also interface with your Elected Member Director, Find out how to go about selling and returning your ownership and and many other benefits.

Financial Benefits

We have negotiated great discounts and Rates from Hotel, Parking and Car hire companies which will bring you savings worth our Full members Subscription.

Buy - Sell - Rent Points and ownership to Members

Subscribing Members will gain access to areas that will allow you to interact  with others who are looking for weeks that they can’t get, to sell their ownership or rent out its usage, rather than sell up.  You can even request a particular week, and many of our owners have additional weeks and properties, outside of owning a Club LA Costa Product.

Reviews on Resorts, Restaurants, Places to Visit

Our Members post reviews and discussions on different resorts and places to visit and dine at.  These are unbiased views some of which are very extensive.  There’s a wealth of Talent in our Community, so that's worth tapping into as well.

Photo Gallery

Members post their own Photos and give you the real picture of what its like at the resorts, and also keep us updated as to what is happening in terms of Building Work on site, and refurbishments. You can find the best apartments to ask for, where possible.

Up to date News

Get up to date News of the Timeshare Industry as well as what’s happening at Club La Costa

Exchange Holidays - Coming Soon


Soon you’ll be able to Exchange your Club La Costa Holiday for other Holidays in resorts not in the Club La Costa Portfolio.  Whats more it’s set to be lower cost than any other Exchange System. (All Subject to Terms & Conditions)

Customer Polls


If you want to find out what members think on many matters concerning their ownership, we have open Un-Biased Polls for you to interpret and contribute to.

Perceptions of Club La Costa

You will read a lot of Comments about Club La Costa on many websites.  Some of it good and some of it bad, but on our Forums you will read the truth from real owners.  Like any company that is involved in selling quality holiday products, you will find a mixture of experiences and we are no different.  We run regular surveys on many different aspects from the Sales Experience right through to when people leave for a variety of different reasons.

Often people will talk of having a Free or Low Cost Holiday as a result of a Scratch Card, or that Sales call disguised as you being told that you’ve just been specially selected...etc.  The truth is that this does happen and some of our members are now happy owners, but of course its not always everyone’s experience, again for many differing reasons.  ReSales are another important issue, and that too is discussed and dealt with on our Forums and we all find that people get to know CLC better and understand what they are about.

As a Group, we hope we can influence Club La Costa by providing all types of feedback and potentially have official representation for owners of Club La Costa Products.

We can and do inform CLC of what happens. What they do about it is up to them, but we do know from our records, is that solutions can be affected as a result of our reporting.

Club La Costa’s own Resorts are undoubtedly Quality Resorts in the main, and if you have been sold one of their products, or are in the process of a purchase, then we have no hesitation in recommending that you join us for further research, to see if Club La Costa is for you.